partnership history and energy:
you create networks that has a mathematical form, traceable history and potential energy:
You connect initially to person A  and create collaboration to be able to accomplish the needs of your project.

You create a bond with Person A in your spatial network.
The bond created has an energy and history.
The history of your bond is stored by the project from the start of the creation of the bond and each moment is traceable.
The moves, changes, transformations, new bonds are stored and readable as pure data within the energy web.


The web space design:

three dimensional space:
the web space for the spatial network is designed (at least )as a three dimensional space and each user receives an own web space.

Cyborg web and networks have security locks and are managed by the cyborgs.
a place where users can journey and create networks.
Cyborgs can pin the space and save according to the coordinates.
On each pinned space they will be able to enter media (text, image, video, other).

journeying tool:
A journeying tool that enables you to journey within the three-dimensional space by keeping track of your coordinate history. All coordinates within and outside your space has been recorded here.
See it as your unique and magical carpet or broomstick that you travel by but can also communicate with.
A magic travel tool that knows you and whom you know.
So you mold to each other while traveling.
Your magic travel tool can read intention and make suggestions.