an intelligent software:
The software is created and designed by the project.
This is an intelligent software that can communicate with the user in time.
Software receives its intelligence from the project and project community.
So the user also builds a relationship with the software.

The software covers the Browser.
The browser covers the Cyborg Web – cyborg Networks and the Cyborg Energy Web

Cyborg Energy Web is directly connected to the Research Center and collects and researches all cyborg network activity in pure data form to be able to map creativity patterns. creative energy as a source is materialized to be researched, mapped, transformed as useful energy and becomes a feedback element for the total cyborg web.

Software also researches its offline existence as a challenge.

The offline version is where the cyborgs connect to physical , metaphysical and beyond by creating tools, product and technologies to extend their cyborg self and be able to create new communication channels.

Software eventually grows to a complementary soul of the project with its collective cyborg soul and energy feedback system.