Member Comments

"SC is a conceptual collector of consumerism"
"I shop not to shop"
"SC is a theraphy, from now on i really need to think one more time what i need and what i want"
For the first time, i know buying without a goal has a goal! thanks to SC
SC is a cynical genious!
It looks like a very serious game and the moment it is a game you have fun and the moment it is serious you are busy to wonder about its talented mistery
Perhaps SC is like me or perhaps SC makes me realize what i am and not
I am amember of SC for a year and i am still not sure if it does exist in reality. It seems like somewhere in the border of reality, just like the twilight zone; i am so convinced that it is there when i am in it and i am so unconvinced in my daily life.It is interesting to see that SC has such a power even if its mechanism runs through buying the actual products of our time.
'' It is something which looks like nothing, things come in and go out constantly, all for someone by someone and in the end for anyone. It is just like life.''