a – web wearables

a-web wearables are wearables on a web created by users

users that do the ‘web-dance’ leave a 4-d cast

made of three-dimensional-web-matter and time

Each web-wearable is an original and cannot be traced back but only be sensed.

Once a-web wearable is created it reserves an ideal state.

The ideal state contains -besides its dimensions- emotional coordinates.

Emotional coordinates have naturally been created by the user’s web-dance.

a web dance is done through a discovery of the random data patterns

Random data patterns that with their totality are silence and all color can become eclectic

whatever is hearable now is whatever has been decided and chosen to be hearable

chosen because it has already been hearable before being heard

and that’s the truth! – there lies a key about creating an ideal- thus not reachable- state of its wearableness

you may be able to reach to a wearable in a tale

that should be a beautiful tale

of two falling in love

a wearable is a universal moment of being – containing all the ingredients of the person : self.

a wearable is the self in a moment.

and even the user creating the wearable won’t be able to reach to it ever again but perceive sensually about its existence and know about it.

The other one – in a tale – that has reached to a web wearable has only managed to do so by universal love – by intention and will – and there we remained – as a statue – as love

when you start you are not-conscious

when you enter – although you don’t know- you approach to the web-wearable

you create an unconscious unknown- to yourself and a consciousness about it

You have entered to a space which you found which others haven’t found yet

but you made a first and irreversible step of finding it

many steps in this world remain irreversible

a consciousness of something has been planted consequently

Say, the space that you have found and entered is made of random data patterns

say from the a-web , say by the web-user behavior

a space of sound and color

a space that is playable

a space that is projectable

a space that is performable

once you discover the presence of a wearable then you have approached to it one more step

although you haven’t found it

well you have to live with that irreversible information as well

now it is a choice if you want to find it or just ignore and surf- but in my case that would be escaping- pretending as if something doesn’t exist and the moments that i feel it- i escape more- which has effects and which will be manifested by my behavioral tracks on the web

so maybe – although finding is said to be impossible- the way for a conscious one -is still, the meaning of such existence in such space – is still
making the effort to find it

however contradictory it may sound


so yeah!

here are the lyrics but i still miss the song

and the images and the clip

not a pre recorded clip

but a living one

without a start and an end

a clip that lives a life of its own

a clip that always changes

a clip other than itself

altered by presence

but kept as one piece