February 2018 – Hummingbird Kids Yoga Teacher Training – 12 days course Kashmir Shaivism School of YogaArambol- Goa -India

February 2016 – 200h Yoga Teacher Training with Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga

2003-2001/ Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatoire , Master of Fine Arts Interfaculty Art-Science Department – Research based study: focus is on the development of individual artistic and performing qualities.

2001-1996/ Royal Academy of Fine Arts the Hague, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Fine ArtsArt History&Philosophy, Installation, Creative Problem Solving, drawing, painting, graphical techniques, video and academy life.

1996-1990/ Istanbul Technical University, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

1990-1983/ Ozel Bilgi High School, Istanbul  – Maths specialization

1978 – 1983/ Hintliyan Nortibros Armenian Primary School

Rotterdam University, Certificate– 1 year
Communication and Multimedia Design Department
Followed the creative marketing, visual interaction and interface design, basics of web programming and media theory lessons