Ah writing! writing is hearing ! writing has been an inseparable part of me – like drawing , I write since I know myself – it is not thinking but a resonance with life – more like dancing- not something separate – not distinct drawing – writing – love -just a rhythm – one 

below are some ‘randomly thoughtful’ selections:   

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Down under I ‘ve selected some oldies…  until 2009

Hangar Song

A – web wearables

Call a Hole song

 A Symphonic Harmony


White Flower

Imagine a Valentine


pre-research material for RCACT (a model discussion for Research Center Arts, Culture and Technology)) – pdf

lyrics to a sad love song

the below are from 2014- 2015

The Dead Ringer Gate


Déjà Vu

Teaser lyrics: and Hary meets Angie



Joker Hearts

P.S. a Burp!