• Currently doing a self-study& research on  non-dual yoga philosophy (Trika) from Kashmir : Kashmir Shaivism . 
    This yoga philosophy came to my path because of my artistic Research and project. which I called once  – “the Love of the Cyborg” , meaning of cyborgness and its spirituality – Love
  •   In Paratrisika Vivarana  the term is ‘uniform organism’ which is  the match to the spirituality  I have mentioned- My hope is to be able to share my study through a presentation once when it is resumed.


  • Practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2010
    For my Asana practice I have been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and other forms since  2010  (mainly half Primary Series)  and due to my physical condition I am currently doing a modified version of this sequence and  working on a very simple sequence of my own .


Completed the 12 day Hummingbird Kids Yoga Teacher Training course in February  2018, Goa, India with Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga


Continually joining to workshops , reading books and adding new ways through movement technologies to my practice with the hope to  share my understanding in the flow of a dance which we call life making the whole life a dance as such . This is very clearly explained in Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra.

Also currently teaching  to individuals and small groups .