About new and ongoing works :  below  you can  view my previous works which are the base of all other work:  My artistic research on time, body , sound , vibration/movement and language  is ongoing . This means we are  not  seeing artistic work as a progression but through an integral understanding of  the non-linearity of time and language so that  perhaps by practice we can say artistic research is a research for the sake of art –  so although I have added dates beside the list of works below they are dateless and ongoing constituents of the same research – art is and belongs to itself and remains authorless   : 
below two links are a  summary of my current research ideas and a call for research collaboration in practical technical matters

About my research


call for collaboration


Artistsbooks, Installations, Projects, Performances, Drawings:

Art Passes : installation on artistic presence, 2005

Mind Pieces : installation : pages of a book presented using the walls of a house that would be torn down and given to artists for presentation before its fate, 2005

Nila et al’s Universal Reduction Theory : my graduation project for Master of Art-Science Department of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague – An intriguing performance with its book self published about the same theory of the title and a publicly presented musical and theatrical performance about the book (book presentation) with video documentation on the theory of the book , 2003

The Philosophers’ Rivalry Machine (PRM) : An intriguing book self published about the same theory with a musical interactive public presentation of the book , Master of Performing Arts on Art-Science Department – Half semester project

Blowing up seriously: interactive installation about sound, words and language research   – Presentation in Paradiso Amsterdam, project for Master of Art-Science Department KABK

Intentio Operis : installation with sound, film , video , and objects – Self portrait or an artist’s inner world as a compilation – Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduation work , 2001

Shopping Club : a proposal on live shopping performance as art to research how art converts all phenomenon including shopping to ART , 2005

Look : installation researching the being ness in relation to space , 1999

Transformations – Year: 2001 – my first self published book about my research on artistic language and being , Bachelors of Visual and Contemporary Arts Graduation Thesis , 1997 -2001

The Moon Project : installation about my realized! sculpture on the moon , 1999

Object: An experiment in converting the subjective/subject to objective/object : an installation on artistic being , 1998

The Magician , book presentation with performance – how one becomes a magician , 1998

Air Adoption Project : An overseas street performance with presentation in Almere , 2005

Drawings and Paintings , until 2005

Drawings and Paintings , 2014 – 2021

for my videos researching movement through yoga , poetry, spoken and performance, improvisation please Check my YouTube Channel

some of my spiritual poetry are on my  instagram  page:  @dnalumuland –

and get inspired  here by my blog, writing and categories 

Below are the List of some of the Exhibitions and Performances I have participated please click on date to see the list :   2001- 2015

Gallery Wijn and Kunst  – Opening Presentation of a new painting and a performance : Please see one my poetry and other performance videos here

Participant of project  Net-Electronic Poetry at Biennial

Group-Show  Istanbul – Installation –  “Art-Passes”

King-Kong Gallery: Group Show- Machine  Installation and curator of event – Istanbul-the Hague

Almere-Istanbul – Group Show – “Air Adoption Project “
–  Performance and Installation with video documentation –  Almere and Istanbul
Gallery SUITE4U:  Solo exhibition
, ”Experiment #1” , installation with Book Presentation, the Hague

Group Show Contemporary Solutions : ”Mind Pieces” , Group exhibition, installation, and book presentation, the Hague

Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten(KABK), Master of Arts Graduation performance and book presentation, the Hague

Galerie-Atelier de Fietsenstalling:  GAF prize (third), Installation-performance

Theater de Regentes, Group show, the Hague

KABK Performance and book presentation

Group show, Video installation, the Hague

Factor X : City Library of the Hague: Group show, Installation

Helmond Turkish festival, Cacaofabriek : Video installation, Helmond

Galerie-Atelier de Fietsenstalling: 
Solo exhibition, Installation, the Hague

Sonic Acts, Paradiso/ KABK,
Performance and Installation , Amsterdam/the Hague

Performance: “Blowing up Seriously” – Paradiso, Amsterdam
Installation: the Philosopher’s Rivalry Machine


KABK: Group show, Video installation, the Hague

Pulchri Studio, Debuut: Group show, Video, the Hague

Graduation Exhibition KABK:  Video Installation, the Hague

Galerie van Damen:  Solo exhibition, Installation, the Hague