Hello world!

Welcome to my documentation site.
I am an artist and here you will see under the ART page some links that may hint to what my artistic research is about . My first recognition of the term art and artist is from a memory of a moment when I was 5 years old remembering my parents’ admiration of my drawings which made them decide to bring me to a teacher. After that Kristin Saleri’s studio became a secret and sacred place for me where I learned without any distraction creating compositions of dreamworlds of a child by her masterly guidance from 5 to 12 years . I am therefore grateful to my first teacher and my parents having directed me towards the path of the Heart.

This is not the website for a professional presentation but mainly meant for self-documentation to put things in place with a hope to organize and refer to whence the need arises for making another site.
Therefore I quickly made a list here about what I can call cues and highlights and may refer to during my path ahead.
so this is a look back place for myself and hopefully a good coincidental landing for you!

Life remains a mystery, transformation inevitable
I am transforming expanding extending and traveling through a blue green tunnel
hopefully we shall meet at an astral desert residing  on a timeless point of truth


here are the recent updates: