Worked at

Current: freelance and visual artist, performer, yoga instructor 

for my current list of bookable inspirational offerings 

Yoga Teacher at Parnassia BV, the Hague, volunteer


Appen Contractor : Web Ad search and quality evaluation for the Netherlands region 

Shell Global Solutions- Customer Wide Web E-Business Support (2013)

business and application support, system/user administration, webmastering, webportal building, user training

  • Business and tech support of the CWW platform . Customer Wide Web is the e-service platform (B2B portal) for the Shell Projects&Technology organization, enabling secure and tailor-made internet access to Shell-owned digital information assets (like applications, databases and content) for different non-Shell stakeholders.  Platform User training
  • Building Web Portals for third party customers, joint ventures, suppliers, technical service providers, distributors.
  • Handling Webmaster requests 

Shell Global Solutions- SharePoint Administrator (2010- 2012)

business and application support, system/user administration, webmastering, webpart/website building, user training

  • Assisting the set of program management offices to support Enterprise Categories and Suppliers websites. Skills required are the Microsoft office suite, SharePoint and basic use of graphical programs, Adobe Photoshop, HTML,  CSS, some use of javascript.
  • Administrating, updating, renewing, supporting, making design decisions for Enterprise Category Management Group web sites in a team of three SharePoint administrators. Training the global users.
  •  Negotiating through third party solutions and researching their implementation potential.
  • Working in close contact with global category teams and analysts to be able to respond category specific design and administrative needs. Doing regular follow ups for site updates
  • Giving SharePoint Trainings
Shell Information Technology International (2008- 2010)

Analyst and Focal Point for IQNavigator Application Contingent Workforces Support  /user trainer and support

Worked in the Netherlands offices of CWS global team of 30.

  • Shell CWS Focal Point for Shell Downstream Company
  • Giving support and training to Shell project managers, end users, on the online workforce  management application: IQNavigator.
  • Quality check, process check, troubleshooting and administrating 
  • Performing rate and supplier negotiations, analyzing and resolving invoicing and project management issues.
  • Creating different types of reports: global user reports, financial reconciliation etc., communicating compliancy requirements to stakeholders.
  • System maintenance, user, work order/project agreement set up.

Search Engine research Specialist for the Netherlands region,  home-office (2007- 2011)

market research and  testing launched products for the Netherlands region for the search engine expand to read more

  • Preparing search experience reports on search quality, features, User Interface, and competitive landscape.
  • Testing existing and new released products and producing feedback to improve the Netherlands Google user search experience.
  • Making competitor analysis and watching the local search, internet, telecom market, local trends and preparing reports about the country Market.
  • Identifying search quality, language and translation related issues, analyzing problematic search results on local domain: Checking Ranking, Relevance, Title/snippet quality, Spam, Translation Quality, Incorrect URLs, broken links, buttons
  • Performing lightweight analysis on results, and producing feedback on these tasks. Reporting and giving feedback about project specific local information to the search teams.

Other short term jobs during studying and after (2000-2006)

Other companies that I worked short terms: (2005-2008)

  • I was Adobe Technical Support Specialist for UK region for three months at Stream Amsterdam offices troubleshooting and providing technical support over the phone and via e-mail to corporate and end users, guiding the caller to resolve issues.
  • I have been Response TV Commercial Assistant for half a year in Rosegarden Studios, Hilversum Assisting the Turkish team director during the show and show preparations, calculating the optimal show profit, monitoring and analyzing results after the show, correcting the program mistakes. Preparing and achieving the CD and DVD’s.
  • Translated hotel brochures and guidelines from English to Turkish for a month for , Amsterdam , Translator

Temporary jobs during studying , Netherlands – Istanbul (2000-2005)


  • Free Lancer in Art and Design Projects, Netherlands – Istanbul (2004-2006)
    Creating and coordinating team concepts for the upcoming shows. Communicating with sponsor organizations, Preparing and evaluating the costs. Researching trends and sources and future opportunities in networking with artists.
  • Private lessons in fine arts, languages, maths, chemistry, Video, image editing with Adobe tools, participating to sponsored exhibitions,  worked in 2 restaurants.
  • Free lance secretarial job for a Turkish textile company, Netherlands (1997-1999)
    Making appointments with juridical, commercial instances and hotel arrangements. Travels in and outside the country as an intermediary. Attending to meetings as a translator and a representative. Making personal suggestions and research for the company.