Déjà vu

I am slowly gettin it

You are not the name that you told me you are when you showed me your ID and maybe you are called so etcetera etcetera but you have got so many other names besides so

You are no baker that can make the air smell as hunger blossoming excitement in the pure fragrance of early morning for an unknown love

You are not a cat who can kiss me and make me cry out loud until I would not cry to let go then he lies down on his back in the glittery rays of a sunmade carpet

You are not the wild blue flower appearing to me when I bike on a roadside of a highway and make me stop to touch a charm of a secret message coming from high mountains to give me a tint of home coolness

You are not my rose tree that has blossomed two pinky red roses when Andersen’s Kay and Gerda used to sing songs before Kay was lured by the heart freezing powers but you are not Kay as me is the Gerda looking for her Kay

You are not the seagull always following me wherever I go and look through my work station when I work changing seagull silhouettes Doing as if just a new seagull

You are not the wind muse that stole my favorite red gloves with a touch of you on I have been looking for ages over roads along lands

You are not the gloomy clouds pointing at a secret meeting point of a hill on which you’ve landed recently on the day when double rainbows blossomed for your arrival and for my being there.

You are not the magic molecule that I can move with a twinkle of my eye at a twinkle moment of air flushing through my body and transport it to a peacefully dozing stray dog’s consciousness which in return makes contact with me via its cuddly fur

Weather has changed to sync to your behavior and to my sleep noww
You awakened my insomnia
The sky is in pain and full of anger now with explosions , thunder and heavy rain
I felt that last night just before sleep
your rage
and something has changed
killing me with a dream of you wipes it all through and convert me to a statue
endlessly singing in a park of favorites
a supersonic song for you
but ALAS it WAS NOT you – ‘you’ WAS just a Deja vu

VIDEO LINK: http://youtu.be/qS9KmxHBcsg