If you see him walk
they say,
A flame is lost
to ignite his way as a firefly.

Faceless is he
a Traveler of Legend to the dawdler
carrying a heart of lost-loves for All
never looks back
headed for…
moves ahead on the Road:
‘Caint get lost without a Hope’.

teaching an eternal lesson of wisdom:
‘Mist turns not to rain
river valleys curl not to conceal’
spotted a sign of wishful thought about a lover.

step by step builds his way this way to a some kind of a pointless point
not as a result of a convergence
neither of a longing.

Shall remain so nevertheless the seasons well known to others
without a history of any learned type
colorless through awareness
Nameless per experience
or be killed
by the ignorance of definition seekers.

” May your long trip of gloom crossing those echoless  hollers rejuvenesce the utter darkness that will litNlead the eye to the the Campfire at the very end of the road-of-no-return N be greeted by the long lost -Face of the Faceless –  eternal Flame as a Newborn Cry
by the name of …”    they say   “FireFly”.

13Aug2014, Leiden