Hangar Song

First we stood on a platform of a big empty warehouse
all of us
we were not moving
just staring -up- to different directions.

Paper-like white sheets
different sizes at different heights
emphasized the volume of the big space.

Then one of us deeply howled
A shock – a start of an explosion
or a battle


then another one too
jumped and stamped the floor,

he too
tough enough for an explosion
and me too …

I made a green
and also something like the illumination of the dawn
at least that’s what I wanted to make so I thought it worked

We jumped
high -higher
loud – silent

wailing created a static projection of color-light
and the pitch changed tones
I made 7 million tones of a green

jumps created an illumination looking like the daylight
and so we created the bright-sky light with a morning freshness in it

stamps were like flashes in daylight
but too subtle to realize

we continued like this until the evening after the afternoon before the night making the next day and the next day and the next day too…

They were all different – these next days – I didn’t know!

The scream that projected color was dyeing the paper-like sheets to different colors
as if we were making some kind of rainbow
so wonderful but hard to explain by words…

The paper like sheets – those that were made of some special material- could function as gateways while they got color and connect to others.

having been assigned to unique color codes
those others carried unique passwords
making the color codes their random sound containers

They added sounds in each created unique tone of each
created color and the paper-like sheets became loud and silent – light and colorful

days passed and years too

we didn’t stop to think
there was no time to stop
stopping meant breaking the piece

but one day we stopped.

all of us …
we were not moving  just staring  up- to different directions
trying to acknowledge a silence that sings for the immortal
we were sync I heard that and he too and then
only then
we ran to pluck paper-like objects
sat down
and made paper planes from them

we were now teams of green yellow blue red orange and purple
throwing against each other with full power
it was not just for fun but it was fun! 🙂

these objects were saturated with color and sound already
we were the fuel of their perpetuity.

all of us …
we were not moving,  just staring up- to different directions
to be a part of this endless piece – loud and silent, colorful and light.

we are frozen now.

we cannot start again starting means breaking the piece
oh what an impressive one!
We call it “the Hangar song”.