Intentio Operis

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Intentio Operis ( intention of the work) is the story of an artist going through an artistic blockage because of an appearance of ‘a water pipe smoking man’ in the artist’s mind during an artistic research.

The artist cannot forget the mystical appearance and goes through a hopeless research and experimentation period trying to create a place to this image.
He cannot place the image to a culture and looks for ways to place it within the art.
He finds out that an image when torn out of its probable culture gets isolated an becomes an intermediary through cultures.
He imagines the ‘water pipe smoker’ as a shaman letting him meet the spirits from another culture. However this does not become obvious to others that cannot see such connection. To others the image resembles  a useless machine/ a close system endlessly smoking a water pipe.

The artist continues collecting and constructing for the shaman’s spirit world and this endless activity converts him gradually to an extended element of a  cyborg  to  ‘a  pattern creator’.

The artist presents an ‘installation’ from his constructed collected sounds, video, images and various material  during the graduation show.
He calls it  ‘Intentio Operis’.
We called it a multimedia painting with its compositional elements.
However the artist disappeared during the opening show and never showed up again.

Intentio Operis has finally been dumped and recycled back to its original culture as plastic, wood, textile and glass!