The problem solving state reduces a space to a space of choices by reflecting, receiving and filtering towards the validation requirements of the question raised by the specific art-condition.
‘What is the position, time and space coordinates of the resolution to a problem in mind?’
Why does my environment around me have a specific manifestation when I am in a problem solving state?
Can such difference deliver a random, rhythmic, harmonic mobility for my physical and mental condition? What is the paradigm of the visibility of things?

Deconstructed fundamental elements (sound, form, coordination, mobility, relative time) act as mechanical pieces to operate a mechanism of a problem solving state. They manifest a physicality through their literal, social definitions to be perceivable otherwise they become ghosts.
For example: a bird sound is not a bird sound but a sound as a result of a bird creating the sound which can be perceived in its neutrality as an element of rhythm, harmony and can be selected by my senses. As my senses choose these elements, my senses simultaneously wonder through these elements but not about these elements.

A problem regards the atomized elements of its environment.
Thinking about a problem chooses an element perhaps randomly but the randomness has its conception as well. This I call ‘a meta-conception’ which refers to the personal state (physical and mental state) of the problem solver.
Right before the solution of a problem there is an energy that needs to be transformed.

I presented an installation that produced and examined the above thoughts. This was a mental machine that could operate forever by the look of the spectator. I asked the viewer to become an operating element of the machine.  A machine which still operates…