Mind Pieces

About Mind Pieces:
Mind Pieces was presented during the group show Contemporary Solutions.
The area was in a rebuilding stage and all houses have been temporarily rented to artist before being torn-away.
I used one room in a building that would be demolished soon and presented the space of this room as pages from a book.
I tried to ‘stitch‘ artworks to the space (with its walls, floor, corners, window, dust, light etc.) so that the space becomes a carrier of the mind-engaging statements of art and just before being torn away can manifest its existence by creating a permanent residency within the mind of the spectator. The viewer became the performer , the viewer’s mind a performance space.

Works presented embodies and personalizes the room space: for example ‘Floorpiece’ is an attempt to compose the residue spots on the floor.

you can order the TV Piece manual and perform at your pace.