Nila et al’s Universal Reduction Theory

correction: Due to misunderstanding I have updated the title from degradation to reduction although the published version shall keep the original name. The intend of the book is a mathematical reduction as it goes in matrices to achieve a reduced echelon form and find a basis of truth. 

Nila et al’s Universal Reduction Theory is an artwork inspired by its metaphysical tale.
The project created a musical instrument which has been performed during my art-science graduation exam, three videos and a book publication (fully downloadable).

Nila et al decide to build a measurement device to be able to measure the critical point of MU. The critical point of MU is a point that can be observed through a continuous degradation of fixed perception points.
This requires a rhytmic random and continuous movement for the performer.

Nila et al therefore builds a device called the Universal Degradator (Universal Degradator, the measurer – UDm).
UDm  gradually converts itself from being a scientific instrument to a performing device UDp (Universal Degradator, the measurer – UDp).

Nila et al succeeds in finding an intersection point of at least two disciplines and creates a performance area to present their theory.
Nila et al mathematically proves that this theory is inconsistent as an axiomatic method and can only be applied one time.

After this proof Nila et al remarkably says:
If we are all talking about a non-existing theory then it surely exists somewhere!

You can view the book from the below link:

Bibligraphic Information - Nila et al's Universal Degradation Theory