call for collaboration

I am a yoga practitioner and an artist drawing with paint, pencil and the body by movement flow /dance, publish videos and write poetry. I am also a student of the non-dual yoga philosophy of Kashmir which inspires my personal artistic research since a few years.

I have published poetry along different online channels but always with a hope to present these in a non-linear format. The idea of this possibility inspired many questions in my mind which I could not answer practically but mostly through meditations.

For instance: Imagine an elliptical space where each poem could have unique random coordinates (secret) . Could their findability be through a dance /  patterns of which  manifest constellations of words of poems by naturally superimposing intonation because the algorithm recognizes this to be the same in both as counterparts?

Does the possibility of such visualization give us an image of an embodiment of an anthropomorphic body? (in Trika yoga philosophy the body of the Goddess is made of phonemes, she wears a garland of fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. Her sonic body is called mantra. She comes into existence through a fusion of phonematic sound and graphemic shape within the divinised body of the practitioner)

Another part of my research is sensual perception towards an understanding of the synesthetic perception not as a defect but as knowledge of creative intuition (technically defined as ‘pratiba’in Kashmir Shaivism)
I would like to suggest a model and inquire the possibility to visualize -planes of matrices- as carriers of distinct sensual perception – matching to different dimensions of the possible universe of their visualizations and indistinctly uniting to communicate within a locus.

For this purpose, could poems be deconstructed to their own elliptical worlds, each world construed by different planes, being the carrier of different sensual perception;

Word by word, then letter by letter, being a source to hearable temporary realities and forming constellations as such through a dance?

With a final integral embodiment that represents the silence of the poem in its total shape or can we call this by wearing all its letters after having made them hearable.

What kind of a shape would this be? An anthropomorphic body? A circular totality of an invisible shape of silence? What does time mean here? What does even “here” mean?

For me these are poetic questions however perhaps it is also practically possible to visualize a tangible presentation of these ideas?

Would this mean that an algorithm could learn from a dancer to draw complementary graphs matching to inhalations, exhalations, the junction between these two and the representation of the shapes the body draws?

I imagine a breathing cycle has its own time and thus made of different intervals but much like music forms the constituents of a coherent whole while steering and simultaneously being steered by the movement/choreography which may be similar to the experience of writing poetry.

Writing also has a similar invisible pattern, rhythm, intonation when sound while forming words passes through the body, moving in a unique time and space by making it. There is no duality here and the poem appears on a chosen surface as a reflection of this totality including the dancer/observer. (which is called technically ‘mudra and pratibimba’ in Trika philosophy and reminds me of the theory of ‘intra-action’ as defined by physicist Karen Barad)

Thus such a chosen surface of poetic reshaping should also be a part of the dance. This is certainly not a mechanical process but a spiritual one. It is being mantra itself and the shape of the mantra (‘Asana’ – is a technical yoga terminology as explained in ParaTrisika, pg 254) which is a bit like what I saw in visualization graphs and in their poetic languages.

Would such a lively process not be a carrier of its creative sign that can initiate? Slice by slice, per each of the function curve and thus be a means for potential activation for its algorithm?

My query is to share with a wish to understand research on possible (sense)intelligence of data and perhaps to also be able to show/suggest that the new book of the artist is a living one, forming itself dancingly through the intelligence of a visible and invisible network.

The idea of a book is much inspired by the artists books movement of Fluxus. I am seeking a new format in publishing my own and poetry in general and would be very enthusiastic towards working on such a goal. This way, beside others, hoping to also refer to Fluxus historically if once a publishable unity could be presented through the use of data visualization towards a new business-art model also to be referred historically to its artistic predecessors.

I also wish to create transparency to the many of the technical terms extracted from Kashmir Shaivism analoguous to artistic research by forming a mind map with ‘ART’ being the locus of all points.

I have dared to write without having much practical knowledge in areas like data viz, machine learning yet to give an idea just to be able to consult and share my enthusiasm towards possibilities.

If this inspires you and there is any chance of collaboration perhaps the progress of such a process itself could also be a potentially visually presentable layer on its own.

Suggestions on learning resources or to who to connect for some guidance is much appreciated. In my heart it is an urgency to go one step further than just writing ideas by words. These are mostly through meditative practices and perhaps our time and space is exploring a novel ways for meaningful communication in line with recognition of who we truly are in which there is a lot of courage then transparency.

Thanks for your patience in reading.

I will be delighted if you wish to contact me on these matters through the contact form on this site