You say let’s call this ‘Shower , that’s on ( maybe a little steam ) with nobody underneath it from a fixed camera position. In black and white…

Made me wonder, makes me wonder from the the moment you sent the file
how would I accomplish that aura of steaminess through evaporating droplets?
on what instance and why?
cannot say , could not connect
but wonder – wonder up to this day 
not this moment – now it is as is now
I may not have reached to what you’ve meant cause I suspect it was no meaning but a personal experience that could trigger the tune for you but
would that be valid for us, for all? The collective minds?… to include the all?
makes me wonder but I’d rather not ask.
I’d rather not know your story, your personal
the tune tells so universally.
It’s not your life story that brings us near rather it is the tune dearest to the heart
well indeed who am I to talk about the heart more than you!
I’ve learned a wisdom yesterday about what I thought I’ve had…
a strength has fallen apart seeing myself as heartless as you possibly could be and a realization follows that the heartless do not know they are so!
As said I’ve never known…but do now…
same as the day mom said icy cold is not to fight against when you may recognize – detect it as pain.
Until that day I would have never called icy cold as pain.
Cold is a wonder with its purity – a purity to dash my skin until I would learn not to fight against then it would be eternal harmony of joy, an energy to trigger the forwardness just just that until that day I haven’t even defined but is that true to accept it as pain and say it hurts because it is hurtfully cold now?
It helps to socialize the icy cold for the sake to bow heads and maybe a moment of silence to harvest yoga mudra – a place to convert like a magician so it doesn’t stay visually as pain and expands towards whatever it expands to…more than one branch, to branches and eventually a whole.
I think there possibly occurred some kind of link- one of this universal ones that purposefully moved us apart so the cycles could occur as in the case of heartless/thoughtless awareness. 
Changing and accomplishing roles all the time , dancing arm in arm , making turns in turns so that with us by us all the rest will turn, glow, flow, grow and hopefully for joy by joy someday on a day that will be a dayless day at a point of truth an absolution just.
So it seems we have passed the summer this way under this shower of thoughts of release, a contemplation achievable during secretly squeezed, wishfully found only for you type moments of a day and let go the droplets – watch disappear through the shower drain.
Let us call this shower of mental silence maybe or purification by interdependency.

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