Transformations is the title of my undergraduate thesis from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the Hague. It is both a thesis and an artwork presenting a web of concepts and contexts.The text is divided into 6 artistic-periods.
Each period is a personal state and an analysis of one and the same concept.
A concept has been examined by using different textual formats such as essay,poetry, tale, report, criticism, philosophy, logic, artists books, science-fiction etc. My research has been about finding a consequential art-condition for the thesis so that it could be valid as one perceptible whole.

The thesis is divided into mental artistic states instead of chapters.
There is not a linear chapter order so that a reader feels free to start reading from any state.
The artistic states are presented in terms of symbols.
Each symbol presents keywords about its content.
The keywords are the variables of the symbol or the variables of the artistic period.

Transformations ends with the following sentence:
“ TO BE CONTINUED … somewhere, sometime, by someone as something else which is nothing else than nothing, here now”.

This sentence is a tautology and a mechanism which makes a statement on art in my opinion.

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