artistic flows and guidance

Current Offerings: get in touch!

  • There are different worlds inside many of my meditative drawings which can be adopted! You can consult on how to do this. – see examples of my drawings here
  • Reading live or recorded version of the books that relates my artistic research and sharing my artistic experience, each session being 30 minutes
  • An online meditative sitting and reading/presentation , books are selected from the philosophies I study for my research.
  • An online yoga guidance with emphasis on flow (one on one)
  • Online drawing guidance : drawing uses not only pencil , paper and paint – but like yoga- also the movement of breath – it is where senses unite as one to view the world as the subject of the drawing – thus this is also a meditative practice .
  • Live discussion one of my artworks – which are published books and other poetry . See Nila et al Degradation theory
  • A talking meditation session one on one with me which is an artistic performance and resembles the video
  • Reading together : step by step personal yoga philosophy guidance – of selected texts
  • Video making See example on my YouTube channelan example here
  • Random subject- playing an art game inspired by Fluxus – I will suggest a random subject to guide and to together research synchronicity, spontaneity and publish periodically an artists books
  • Turkish coffee cup reading – You can book a session at any time without any personal questions I can read your coffee which is a meditative practice and a poem
  • a video poem
  • Recipe’s from my family – Turkish/Armenian kitchen – however my emphasis will again be on using the application of such activities as a creative meditation
  • Lessons for kids in English learning yoga stories.
  • Lesson for kids up to age 15 help for school

The above practices can be booked through the contact form based on a fair exchange , which means donation or contribution to my research

my research needs and dreams :

I like to consult and perhaps work together with a data scientist, developer one on one to see if the dream that I have imagined once is achievable. This concerns the presentation of my spiritual poetry (blog and Instagram) as a piece that can be embodied through dance of a trained model(algorithm) . I can explain in depth if there is any opportunity to work together.

Building a game app that could benefit children of all ages. Let’s train an avatar through a yoga sequence live performed by children . The avatar when trained by movement will be able to draw and manifest hidden parts/pieces of a secret world made of sound and light/color based on my drawings which have worlds inside worlds in them .