energy web

Cyborg Energy Web is a signal processing system and directly connected to the Research Center where all cyborg network activity is collected in pure data form.

mapping creativity patterns: Creative activity is materialized, researched, mapped, transformed to become useful as an energy form and a feedback element for the total cyborg web.

cyborg web space has an energy:

We are challenged to research and be able to materialize this energy by using
Signal Processing and Pattern recognition techniques

A Signal Processing System
Building a community space and a community that runs the space towards achieving a highest creative ideal :
Reuniting to the true self and perceiving the potential of true selfness which in this project is presented as becoming a cyborg, cyborgness and recreating the creation myth of the cyborg.

The goal is researching, capturing, materializing all community activity (energy) in pure data form by applying signal processing so that we can research the nature of this data and transform.

Hypothesis is once the community intention and activity is based on a creative goal as its highest achievement the derived data is other than the data of other intention systems.