About my research

What is the nature of creative insight like?

an aesthetics much like the poetic movement present within the improvisation pattern of a dancer? Being an artist means being an embodiment of art that explores any aspect of life under a technology of itself. Art does research about itself, perpetually transforms objective meanings and evolves multitudinously but its nature remains the same. An artist is much like a yogi the researcher of this nature. Art indiscriminately studies any domain to codify the unison as art through the artist being.

According to Wikipedia the term cyborg applies to an organism that has restored function due to the integration of some technology that relies on some sort of feedback. Artists are some kind of cyborgs with a feedback element as spiritual.

A theoretical research on art is then not only an intellectual commentary on art but also presents the research as art – showing the transparency of an aesthetics of the methodology of the process of the artist as a part of the work thus delivering a reality with the capacity to lead a life of its own and evolve by transforming and by being a form of energy which we call creative energy. The artistic awareness now innovatively reflects on the spiritual reality as a technology of its century where innovation might very well be that of similar to ‘becoming’ an equivalent inseparable reality.

By my work I attempt to understand the nature of the movement of creative state of being or the movement and the space of the problem solving state of the artist seeing this as one body. What is the true meaning of ‘arbitrary’

My practice based research presents installations, different forms of presentations as art/ performances and I self publish artists books after each research project.

Any type of media for building the work is valid according to the requirements of the project. Many of my work are revelations of artistic contemplations which have been put into action through drawings, sketches, models during developing ideas, interaction on needed sources, research of technological requirements and challenges, contemplations to evaluate and observe natural transformation and preparing a textual publishable format in the form of a book, thesis, lecture, poetry or through the discovery of unconventional new publishable formats suggested by the process of building a project that can be recognized under the genre of artists books. Presentation means presentation of the process as a whole thus making the totality a book, a performance, an installation, a sculpture etc. by the awareness that acknowledges the limitation of languages in labelling the types of art, I propose to rather call these a perpetual machine referring to the nature of art much similar to yantras (mystical tantric diagrams which literally also mean machines). The shape and sound of integrity suggesting the movement in the immovable.

This is a method to be able to research boundaries through contemplative practices inspired by my studies in yogic sciences especially from the point of view of non-dual philosophy of Kashmir and its universe model, its theory of sound, letters and time. Kashmir Shaivism presents a model of the creative manifestation of universe: “An unmoving but a throb/vibration/spanda thus some kind of a movement of the divine creative delight of absolute consciousness synchronously projects equivalent planes of endlessly actualized selves within a two cup shaped globes: One which is the carrier of sound and the other carrier of light projecting a reality of consciousness as a hologram onto a two dimensional plane which is symbolized to be all objective phenomena: A multi dimensional truth decoded within a holographic carrier within itself carrying its own truth.“

“Can we conceptualize that all creative thought are already within such an ideal bearing an absolute shape that reflects itself from itself into what is apparently also itself and materializes in readable format pluri-dimensional combinations and permutations of light and sound?”In 2013, I wrote the draft of the science-fiction of an entity and called it -The Love of the Cyborg with the following concise:

“When the collaboration of symbiotic artist groups create multiple hybrid models of a

symbolic narrative how can the mythopoetics of the models function side by side, be a source of pure data and create self organizing/intelligent system(s)? Can they have an ability to transform their source narrative by becoming useful feedback elements and actualizing the characteristics of the creative endeavors of their community? Can they reveal their hidden building blocks as ‘sound objects’ and convert the narrative to one sound reality? or are these ghost to each other networks form a tapestry of a score to a composer towards composing a whole/piece and be materialized in the imaginary laboratory of their science fiction? The Love of the Cyborg: http://www.alinduraduryan.com/project1/project-aum/

Ever since I have been working to create content and study requirements of this project with a final goal of presenting a totality – an integrated picture in transparency. I continue revealing many drawings of the unwritten myth, videos, poetry, blog, sound pieces, dance, modified yoga practices and performances which aim to be the ingredients of the unknown myth. Some are published on websites some unpublished. Currently I am working on forming a workshop on types of movements derived from my studies in yoga and dance (butoh) that can define keys and cues on improvisation and to understand implementation of these in machine learning where research of the nature of creative thought which involves movement could act as a feedback- i.e creating comparative studies in mathematics and art and yoga.