The Business

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol


1- Term based creative for companies , organizations, individuals

2- Training for cyborgs


We will design and offer onsite and online creative workshops for educational, corporate, cultural, governmental institutions, agencies, small business and individuals.
Each workshop has a workshop theme based on the cyborg creation myth.

The trainee learns to creatively builda customized space based by their chosen workshop theme within our unique platform (and software technology)

The workshop

  • step by step guides the participant in building a custom space – participant’s cyborg space
  • participant’s cyborg space is permanently reserved and resides on our project web.
  • aims to create a bond with the participant and their space making their engagement an ongoing creative activity.
  • having a theme grounds the teachings of the workshop, benefits us and the business partner towards creatively building a common goal: an own version of the cyborg myth.


We will have a demo of our product to browse through.
Our product is customizable per the need of the participant.

Project creates the participant (corporate,cultural institution etc.) as a cyborg within the web(our software) with permanent access to our project-web and its user tools.
The involvement is term and subscription based.

We will teach the participants about the myth, their role as a cyborg and guide them towards creatively building their own (customized ) space.

individuals learn to STEP BY STEP:

Build own book and space:

  • Building the Sanctuary
  • Building the Spatial Network
  • Running their  Project

change this…write in headlines

Building the Sanctuary:

Increase self-awareness by tuning into authentic self
learn visualization techniques and exercise
create clarity in making choices learn to be assertive in visualization
define and create images, sounds learn to work with senses
learning to develop and engage the neutral-self towards self discovery and observation
control and drive thoughts and feelings towards personal goals and create new communication channels
learn to visualize a present moment reality and question it
enhance visualization techniques and work with self and senses
learn to feel and create non material reality through a material one
come to awareness of the possibility of the existence of different realities, dimensions, planes
learn to develop and train the ability to control and transform reality towards multiple realities

repeat as ongoing exercise…

start focusing on your chosen project theme – your own myth

start creating a visual and audible space and learn to sensually communicate with these elements.
after building the ability to be assertive to what is sensually material you can start simulating the visual and audible elements within your sanctuary
Simulation has the need to be a fit to the shrine as a natural of the shrine and not a representation of what sensually has been a reality. Sanctuary is your unique space and needs to remain as an authentic inspiration space for you both on its imaginative and internet space (where applicable).

sketch your theme – define your theme and theme requirements

Building the Spatial Network:

define your theme and theme requirements
start working on your theme with yourself and others
network with individuals and groups towards working on your theme requirements
document your work history within your web
document and publish documents, tools and products created as a result of work and networking.
exchange value by feeding back value for your project
run project and transform tools and project
publish your myth to others

redefine and regularly evaluate self within your shrine
Contribute to myth cloud by publishing excerpts from your own myth and network.
Invite your networking partners to become users.
Promote and sell/exchange your products and tools newly created within your web-space and network as a result of your work and partnership.





Social Networking:

you network on your spatial network with others to be able to define, research and solve requirements of your project.
you create partnership networks with individual and group partners.
You create visually visible network structures by networking with your partners.
All your networking history and work progress with your partners are traceable within this structure.
The structure of the network therefore is alive and continuously transforms
Transformation is as long as your partnership continues .
You could see this structure alive when you would zoom-out.
Therefore we monitor and research the ever changing network structure as a life/energy form. This falls under the project’s research and is researched within the research center and within the energy of the book parts of this project.

Your social network is naturally a means to create new products and tools and promote these besides creating new users for the project in general.


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