About Project


When the collaboration of symbiotic artist groups create multiple hybrid models of a symbolic narrative how can the mutually exclusive mytopoetics of the models function side by side, be a source of pure data and create a self organizing/intelligent system(s)? How do different data relate to each other? Can they have an ability to transform their source narrative by becoming a useful feedback element and by transforming/expanding/recreating/replacing the characteristics of the creative endeavors of the community? Can they relate to each other towards forming a single source ‘sound’ and convert the narrative to one reality? Or Are these ghost to each other energies potential compositional elements for a composer towards composing a whole/piece? Can such data be materialized in the imaginary laboratory of their science fiction?


Welcome to my Project Proposal and Synopsis preparation space!

From here I am hoping to present ideas to people who would like work with me on long term.

This project aims to create an entity perhaps a living webcomic about an artist-shaman-cyborg-dancer being who in human form has taken the challenging road of enlightenment towards the discovery of his multidimensional existences residing within a multiverse. (similar to a uniform organism /ekarasa avayavi in Sanskrit as explained by Abhinavagupta in PTV)
The discovery marks an end to an era of his perception to an only-human lifetime and he starts a irrevocable soul search along the multiverse (multiverse here is same as the concept of body in Kashmir Shaivism – tattvas)  until he can comprehend to reunite his true-selves, create by art a completed complementary other self or love and achieve oneness or become the point of truth.

The webcomic (ekarasa Avayavi) is an effort to episode and simultaneously build this soul search and its creation myth.

Upon doing so it aims to create artistic versions of the myth by publishing curated projects and inviting community engagement towards building an own myth.

The project therefore is a living one, made by people and unknown except for the published/revealed versions.
The project publishes multimedial, multiconceptual projects that will aim to create:
drawings, models, machines, objects, computer programs, cooking, yoga, dance and versions etc.
as true as the soul search of the semi-fictional character.  The offering of the myth is like life and should promise to remain so.