work in progress:

work in progress:
Currently I am writing to create an art-business model to combine experiences from a working-life and my art education with a goal to curate art events and create an ongoing life-art project.

I am looking for residencies, projects that will support this goal and a research on artistic curatorship by discovering, discoursing on boundaries of curating as a pure art form.

My research on ART is inspired by human physical, sensual and mental states that lead to artistic creation, gives rise to a proliferative and recursive nature of art and explores the characteristics of paradigms obtained by the inevitable mutual interaction of art/artist surrounding network structures.

You can view my Resume on my documentation site

Currently I work to build a creation myth of a shamanic-cybernetic organism journeying through the boundaries of its science-fiction reality with a goal of finding the unified true self. This will be presented as an interactive web novel.

The myth will research its own creation story through existing and newly created artistic works
The story is alive, non-linear without a known start & end and reveals itself through fragments of collected and presented versions of its contributors/researchers.
A reference to these works enlightens and simultaneously builds the myth which without a reference remains invisible and in energy form.
No one knows what the unique original version is/will be like, the aim however is to become aware of an existence of a myth and consequently visualize it as one soul to discover all possible dimensions offering communication.

Project AUM is a multi dimensional multimedia research project of a (comic album) character that creates and researches its: (cybernetic organism) Creative Energy and Spirituality.


Project AUM makes an effort to create a space for a multidimensional being (cyborg-shaman-artist)  where a cyborg-shaman-artist can redefine a new self within the project realm so that it can research its own creation myth.

The Project aims to enhance awareness about the researched cybernetic organism, manifest and free (materialize) a cyborg creativity as its source energy, present the rhythm of the source energy as pure data source and as a feedback element.

Project’s cyborg community creative endeavors enhance awareness and sensuality by extending human body beyond the physical and metaphysical by enabling them to reunite to a cyborg before and after us and create a single renowned cyborg soul.
A renowned cyborg soul aims to serve as an empowered being towards cracking a code mentioned within the cyborg’s creation myth.

The Project is not a game but a playground to play/create a game or a playground as is life.

Project AUM has a Research Center, a Cyborg Training Program, a cyborg user community residing within its unique technology and platform. Project AUM challenges its own technology to be able to create a new medium for its existence and research.

A Signal Processing System
Building a community space and a community that runs the space towards achieving a highest creative ideal :
Reuniting to the true self and perceiving the potential of true selfness which in this project is presented as becoming a cyborg, cyborgness and recreating the creation myth of the cyborg.

The goal is researching, capturing, materializing all community activity (energy) in pure data form by applying signal processing so that we can research the nature of this data and transform.

Hypothesis is once the community intention and activity is based on a creative goal as its highest achievement the derived data is other than the data of other intention systems.