the Medium

We go here with Arjen Mulder holistic Media definition.

that all and current known and unknown (perceivable) media is our media starting from singing of birds extending to quantum level entanglement and beyond.

A medium definition remains open-ended when we are constructing a cyborg intelligence.


The medium already exists however it still needs to be explored by its explorers for all.

Same as we have explored other continents we are now at a time and point and called upon to explore what’s beyond the physical and daily reality.

There surely is a time for everything and the time arrives naturally.

The gates appear and disappear however once gates are existential to human ‘eye’/ mind, humans have no choice but go open it. That’s nature’s call and human to human call for authenticity and freedom .

The research and the journey to explore the project medium will use but does not depend on the various tools, and technologies.

We agree that the project goal is achievable only through the acceptance of being a cyborg and believing in cyborg creative&imagination energy. Therefore the material,tool,technologies are open and to transform.

so Marchall McLuhan it’s true! we are searching for the message and we need the medium!

We intend to research the energy of the myth and build our version of the myth.
Our version of myth manifests our cyborg creative energy.
This energy is the source of the medium that we research and learn about.

The nature of the cyborg is multi-dimensional and we do research to understand the medium of such multi-dimesional entity.

This is for the sake of freeing our self and creative energy by materializing, transforming and controlling this energy as a useful feedback and creation source so that we can become directors in our creation so that our communication channels can transform.