Research Center

Project AUM has a Research Center with permanent Research Projects.
Research results continuously improve the project and its offerings by creating new communication channels and tools.
Users and user groups can participate in one of the research by submitting their proposals.
Independent research proposals in line with Project AUM are welcome and after approval can be published within the research center as ongoing research.

Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Techniques for creative community activity – referred as energy within this project:

energy web

The project presents a creation myth of a cyborg and constructs the myth live with its cyborg community. Each cyborg , cyborg network is the cyborg in the myth.

Project creates a cyborg community to be able to research and capture the community activity (energy of self- creative) in pure data form.

How can we materialize this data?

Is the data visual, audible manifestation different than other data?

What kind of form does creative involvement have? Is it possible to derive creativity patterns and use it as a source energy which can become a feedback element of a system.