Becoming a Cyborg

An approval of self as a cyborg here is an approval about becoming a multidimensional organism (which we in essence are), extend our senses and physical bodies beyond the perceived and towards the unseen by simultaneously creating new communication channels and technologies for our extended being.

The self approval as a cyborg manifests, visualizes a natural habitat, accepts the self having multiple synchronized existences along different planes and questions time.

  • Agree with and sign Project AUM Cyborg Contributor Agreement:

Becoming a cyborg means understanding and agreeing with the project goals , commitment and responsibility requirements , reading guidelines and signing  cyborg contributor agreement.

  •  Follow  Cyborg Training Program  and Receive Initial Tools:

After the agreement a cyborg  follows  the  cyborg  training program which is customized per user and gives individual guidance.

During training cyborgs  are made  aware of the project goal, project space, cyborg myth and their unique role as a cyborg contributor within the cyborg community, project software, perform  creativity exercises towards creation, visualization techniques and get spiritually prepared upon their role as a cyborg within this project at level 1 /initially and within their life as an advanced stage requirement.

  • Start Building Individual Cyborg Network () receive advanced tools and run projects:

Cyborgs are aware of the responsibility of joining the project and are committed to the cyborg creation myth.

Project AUM delivers online (project software) and offline tools and cyborg space to the cyborg.
Upon reciept the individual cyborg creates an own version of the myth within the project web space and network.

as they exercise cyborgs get advanced about the Cyborg Creative Energy and Spirit Energy and run their own networks.

Cyborgs create cyborg networks during running their project.

Cyborg web space is composed of a shrine and a spatial network.

Cyborgs  receive their journeying tool and can journey through the spatial network to all unlocked regions.

Finally there is one common goal for all: commit to and unlock the energy of the cyborg myth – make the myth true by becoming the myth .