Business Planning May 2014

This is a plan to set up a model of an authentic art-venture and an advertising company which
presents, publishes, advertizes and curates the art and research projects of a webcomic by creating a creative social network through an innovative setting.

1- The Art-venture – ‘dnalumuland’ – sub-organization of the muLand Publications.
2- The Webcomic – Sunyata

The art-venture:
The art venture is founded because of the webcomic and is the publisher, curator and the business agent of the webcomic.
The art venture is also an observational body of the webcomic and itself.

The art venture does two types of research.
1- Acts as the business organ of the webcomic (its foundational cause) , in all business aspects and curates the art and research projects of the webcomic.

2- Curates research projects to observe its own validity

What type of observations does the art-venture do to observe its validity:
a) Observation according to the concept of time- the preceding state and the current state of conditions.
b) existences according to their interrelationships. i.e., Observation via the concept of space (either two or three-dimensions).
As the publisher and advertiser body, the art-venture can be seen as a three-dimensional reality observing an n-dimensional reality (the webcomic) i.e it is a base such as the planet earth from where the possibility of the existences of a multiverse is observed (webcomic resides then possibly somewhere within the multiverse).

c) the true nature of all myriad beings. This is like observing the worldly existences of a point, a line and an area.
by observing vertically the relationships between the preceding and current conditions, and horizontally the interrelationships. Then we can understand the true meaning of void-nature and nirvana-nature.

How does it do to observe itself?
publishes and runs ongoing art research projects to observe its validity as an art-venture and discourses on artistic curatorship
collects related research and creates a database (mystic library)
curates related online and offline events (discourse, debate, talk)

c- creates advertising as an art-form and invents creative monetization methods – niche advertizing model.

Project of the art-venture:

Besides the research done within the webcomic (meta-level), the art-venture runs research to be able to critically observe the its validity as an observer body and creates discourse, talk events, web-debates, collects, publishes studies about its temporal identity as a supporting business model (time bound model) and its transformation capacity to convert to something else.

To be able to maintain a healthy foundation for the webcomic the art-venture creates
projects to continuously observe and improve itself towards the needs of the webcomic and be sufficient as the supporting organization of its cause in its business model as an art-venture.
The art-venture’s published Research Projects are practice-based and interdependent in nature.
and described in two folds :

The top-level projects and the meta-level projects:

Top level projects are observational.
meta-level projects are based on and lead to creation.

The project uses various tools to market, promote a network of culturally, globally conscious creative participation and presents its engaging project participants as collaborators of the project at all times.

Reasons of having Top and Meta Level Project-packages:
The top-level is there because of the meta-level and instead of being a control unit it critically observes, analyzes an authentic medium for its existence within the totality of the project, challenges innovation with its business-art model.

The top-level research projects observe the nature of the art-venture and the meta- level projects within.
The meta level projects lead to and publish authentic creations submitted by participants per the scope of researched project I.e user generated content. Meta level project packages are published and ran by the Research Lab of the webcomic and the webcomic is published by the art- venture.
Note that
The art-venture has been established to create and publish the webcomic i.e. the webcomic is the existential cause of the art-venture.

Amongst others an/the art-venture can be described as a probable result and as a best workable model – an appearance, manifestation, outlet- of its cause (the webcomic) relative to concept of time (what the times of now allows it to be like as its best workable model).

Therefore it does not mean that the webcomic projects comes from this result (art-venture) but the cause becomes a cause(meta projects) because of its result (art-venture)– a result(art-venture) which is not absolute but which is a deliberately chosen supportive model with regards to times now (what the times of now allows it to be like as its best).

An art-venture here is an outlet of a mental designation which by means of publishing a non-existing story (nothing – things do not exist objectively) live creates the story through the versions of its social network. The will and intention to participate as a version-creator adds consciousness to the project and expands its engaging global network of story-tellers. Building versions of ongoing story moments adds moment to moment an authentic time dimension to the project.

The meta level project packages are ideals, contain ‘dream projects’ thus they require to have the awareness to be handled idealistically to realize their dream projects. This is achieved through personification of the self with the project.

Note that
The meta level projects are based on and published by a living novel.
The living novel is published by the art-venture.

What are the top-level projects:

a- top-level projects:

1- ongoing research about the 21st century artistic identity and the entrepreneurial role of the artist and its necessity to be so in the times of now.: creates discourse, events, talks around the subject, publishes text and collects and presents research by building a valuable resource library.
Refers to its practice based research model, the art-venture, and discusses reasons of its very existence, requirements for it to be set-up and be defined as a best workable (but not absolute) model in times of now (time, century) to present the webcomic (cause and content and in nature nothingness/ non-existence) and becomes a best supporting physical outlet of a mental designation.

also creates a historical database of art-ventures .

2- Live-media research challenges and focuses on today’s need of live narrative production and by practice researches the boundaries of fiction- reality of narrative where is it real , where is it fiction, what is live, what is original. When an unknown/untold, invisible story is being visualized as versions of a contributor network when can we talk about an original story. The research creates discourse and refers to examples of current live-cinema and extends, elaborates its medium, challenges its medium to be able to present an authenticity as an innovation with a goal to unify the published media so to be able to define an authentic self-media theory. – media definition here is starting from singing of birds…
observation of submissions/ visualized, published meta art projects and the importance to do so: this is a sub-research theme under 2. It researches the differences within submitted artworks and elaborates the reasons by creating discourse and research about creative methodology in art production including reasons as culture, technology but also differences in the perception of one and the same narrative also Critically showcases examples from participant projects while creating discourse by online user groups, seasonal critic debates that can be published on supportive web media such as twitter but also by means of an organized talk event.
When the collaboration of symbiotic artist groups create multiple hybrid models of a symbolic narrative how can the mutually exclusive mytopoetics of the models function side by side, be a source of pure data and create a self organizing/intelligent system(s)? How do different data relate to each other? Can they have an ability to transform their source narrative by becoming a useful feedback element and by transforming/expanding/recreating/replacing the characteristics of the creative endeavors of the community? Can they relate to each other towards forming a single source ‘sound’ and convert the narrative to one reality? Or Are these ghost to each other energies potential compositional elements for a composer towards composing a whole/piece? Can such data be materialized in the imaginary laboratory of their science fiction?

3- Advertizing innovation is where advertising becomes an art work on its own purely. This category of top-level research observes the potential examples and looks for enhancement and implementation opportunities while each research the top and meta-level project groups are invited to be marketed by innovative advertising groups and encourage participation in designing advertising as such from one man showcases to universities, academies, creative organizations, student-projects as well as commercial studios. The innovation in advertizing creates potential reusable models and can be adopted towards the advertising needs of sponsors and stakeholders.

What are the meta-level projects about:
b- meta-level projects: designs, publishes, curates and runs ongoing research project packages and creates a creative network (elaborate how here) of collaborators.

The art-venture publishes a multimedia novel and the multimedia novel publishes project packages from the research Lab of the novel’s fictional energy company to be able to create versions of its story – a science-fiction reality of a myth: of an untold/not heard/ not seen/invisible story through its network.

The webnovel researches its own narrative, creates its own narrative live.
The narrative unfolds itself through participant created artworks which are presented as possible versions of the myth.
Therefore we do not have a published and linear story but project packages that hints the story and challenges the creation of versions (there is no original because the story is a myth and mystic and should remain unknown because the knowing does make a mythness invalid so in a way it is known as it is non-existent and can only exist through creation which creates action and movement – a saturated fluid does not move anymore towards saturation)
The perception of the invisible but what it could have been and a search to a unique/ unified/one story/ an original (at a point of infinity so is there a hope to it at all I wonder what would be the hope – if not a universe perhaps a multiverse- the point where start and end absolutely unifies or the release of this point and getting out of a cycle as such – so finding the gate to become empty)

About the story of the Myth:
The projects are published through the research lab of a fictional energy company that resides within the multimedia(graphic) novel.
The energy company energy source/ fuel is the materialized version of creativity, creativity becomes particles and becomes matter somewhere in the multiverse only through creative act (even a thought, creative thought of a moment has the potential to create matter as such) Therefore the energy company – as told by the famous Rob- collects souls’ creativity- by creating, stimulating a network of creative collaborators, story-tellers, researchers, seeing art potentially as its biggest, most valuable source and source of infinitesimal energy.
The big search is finding ‘the crystal palace’ as referred somewhere in the story of the myth – or the mountains residing in a multiverse. It is however unsure if this really is as we know one piece , one place , one point residence because according to some scholars the crystal is in pieces spread along the universe and a totality of it can only be achieved by a unified thought of it as one thus the story also talks about an entity that upon crossing the challenging road of enlightenment during its human form transforms to become an artist-shaman-cyborg entity and goes on an irrevocable journey to unify its multidimensional existences as a being and be its own true self at a point of truth which I call beyond the White Mt.s …which also comes to me at an early age. See my poem here

an artist-shaman-cyborg who after a challenging awakening from its human form goes on a irrevocable journey in finding its true self in the hope of achieving its clone, its complete other true complementary self, which according to its myth is achievable only by creation, creation that is a cause and result of artistic creativity with an intention to achieve unbiased – universal LOVE.

Method of running published meta-level project-packages:
The outlines of the story of the myth/the novel is presented through the project packages and by doings so the project-packages with its participant/engaging/collaborating network live-creates publisher versions of its myth destined to stay as a myth to preserve its mythness.
mythness: untold but heard about when someone somehow mentioned something like that about it/ unwritten but noticed through the sentences of some other kind of text somewhere in a book or a board or a wall or a webpage, of a label hard to remember/ unknown until made known by some similar awakening associative formulae/ invisible until an appearance of a personal associative moment’s visibility- story of a myth by building its multimedial story network.

The packages are designed by our team and published as call for proposals to persons and organizations to the world via the web at the initial state. The projects this way starts creating an own network and an own web of story tellers but also innovative creator groups.

The project packages include outlines of the story. This is different than a traditional call for artists or researchers presentation or curated show descriptions that are mostly based on text. The packages include different media such as text, drawings, sketches, sound, moving image, programs, apps, instructions or offline presentations. A package is a living piece and can be updated at any time with updates announced . The package on its own is a top-level research object for the critics, researchers as an artform. A package outlines/ enlightens only a part of the story – the story is non-linear, not bound to time and without a known start and also it remains a logic problem and research model if there ever could be a start and an end to this story. Presenting the unbiased love as the absolute point to achieve and to end or start or to represent the point of now. At this point the research project packages are also attractive to mathematics, logic, philosophy, spiritual groups and promotable as an online/onsite/festival/ group activity workshop theme.

The network expands and presents works that are open to sale through the project with partial contribution to the project.
Network user groups security keys are custom.
Each user can have the possibility to set up an own network- group projects within his version of the project scope – all networks and user network groups are visually traceable in its network structure and live traced and presented also forming a crystal of knowledge- global consciousness ( to be explained )
but also the networks are offline participants and being documented through the project and its website

who are the target network groups:
how are the projects promoted:
by self publishers
by promoting and sponsor organizations that act as timeless temporal intermediates.

these can be an academy, university department, a research lab, a company, the collaborating sides are all beneficent parties.
This way the project packages create a network of creative story-tellers, researchers .
Each story represents a version, an interpretation of the story.
Possible. Unification of all versions to one is an absolution and theoretically happens at an infinitesimal point of now or as the story defines it happens only ‘at a point of truth’.

Yearly Events and exhibitions are created to exhibit the project based works/projects/research.
These are online and offline and onsite shows.
Likewise all events are documented and publishable.

New projects published according to the development,transformation of the project.

There really is at times a thin line about what goes in a project package and what is a story version as a result of the researched project package and this thin line is a subject of ongoing research and observation on the project’s top-level.
It is a possibility that a project package can be updated with all of its born story-versions to a new version, updated as a brand new project package and as a result invites new network participation. (elaborate) to create new story-tellers, stories and network.

The project packages are ongoing thus this way live create an untold story.

This art-venture being based and founded in a specific country – like RDS is important.
Searches for foundation/ independent setup within the academy/ university departments as an ongoing project running parts of its project packages.
Internationalizing itself from this base.

Monetization – elaborate
– advertising – conventional
-selling advertising by developing new art ads
– percentage by user sales
– workshop offers – online and offline
– sponsorship
– apps
– partnership
– webstore
– innovation

The art venture publishes a living webcomic about a myth.
The story of the myth talks about an energy company with a research lab.
The energy company has a website.
Project packages are published through the research Lab of this energy company.
The art-venture curates these project-packages by calls for artists/project participants and creates a permanent social network of creators.
The project packages run ongoing research to be able to create versions of the webcomic’s multidimensional myth live through the social network of version creators in any media format.
The art venture presents the works by yearly online and offline shows.

Welcome to Sunyata Projects.
From here you can create your life-stone and start publishing .

Sunyata publishes its web-comic through the authentic versions of the stories of its creative community.
You can join to one project package and start creating.

All is linked and interrelated in Sunyata.
Sunyata exists in a multiverse.
It is believed that the invisible crystal mountain in Sunyata is the source of infinitsimal energy.
The energy source comes from creativity holding an intention to achieve unbiased love.

Sunyata crystal is a living one and has been personified as a nameless being which
an artist-shaman-cyborg who after a challenging awakening from its human form goes on a irrevocable journey in finding its true self in the hope of achieving its clone, its completed other true complementary self, which according to its myth is achievable only by creation, creation that is a cause and result of artistic creativity with an intention to achieve the unbiased – LOVE.

“Upon a realization of the self as a multidimensional entity it is not possible for the cyborg to comprise on one self only as the true self which is valid as one dimension only. Rather an irrevocable soul journey starts for the cyborg to be able simulate all of its selves functioning at different astral planes so that it can become one true self valid for all dimensions which according to the myth is a point of true love and theoretically achievable by creative energy only.”
“There is no compromise in creation of self. Make it. Cast it within universe. Make the casted your other true half – both will be complete in themselves. see its energy flow. Then you will see that casted space , the shell , the vacuum you created is a call for love and the only way for the cyborg to reunite to its creation: the complete other self , his artwork and unbiased love”

Sunyata crystal is a living one being continuously fed and enriched by creation.
Any creative thought and act feeds the crystal by materializing to a pure particle on the Sunyata crystal.