spatial design

The Web is multidimensional and the internet version is not a complete visualization of the project and bears the internet medium offering only.
The design of the online web however requires to be a natural embodiment of a multidimensional web.
It its natural appearance on the internet.
A shape shifting during its simultaneous existence.
similar to The human form of consciousness thus its finite appearance on internet.

A realistic executable 3D design suggestion could be very much like a space we know with astral objects and phenomenon.

Every network that you would land on brings experience, learning and clues for your research and lets you grow towards the goal of your project myth and the energy. The travel is done by a journeying tool.
These are on wide scale manifested on the cyborg webspace (online and offline) : according to the myth we exist simultaneously on different dimensions and we are multi-dimensional beings. Our actions affect our beings on different planes.