sanctuary is your sacred place of magic:

This is your own authentic space.
This is your sketchbook.
Only you can visit.
It is a safe place and a place of inspiration.
You materialize your ideas here in any material form and connect these ideas to form new forms and experiments.

This may look like an artist and scientist spiritual studio and  problem solving space/states.
You connect and communicate to nature and universe from here.
You come to awareness of your equations and solution methods.
You are at a place where you eventually can connect to self and to your truth and elaborate own mission.
This is a place where you build readable pattern structures and test these.
See it as building crystals by making mind experiments.

This is also a place where you connect to self before you connect and network with others in your spatial network.
This is a place to achieve inner silence and actively exercise to train the inner self towards doing magic.

Sanctuary exists wherever you create it.