MYTH Cloud

The Myth Cloud is a place to drive inspiration, create networks by driving inspiration and present own web space.
Every cyborg can have an own myth cloud.
In the myth cloud they add media such as text, keywords, video, audio which are in essence buttons and link to a location within their web space.

When a visitor clicks on a button on the cyborg’s unique myth cloud they land into a location within the cyborg’s web space and visit that location (as long as the location is open to visitors)

A myth cloud is your promotion space and a cloud of fun and presents bits and pieces from your web space .
Presents your inspiration about the cyborg myth and your version of the myth.
Also invites and publishes projects.
This can be a place where you can enable newcomers click and join to a potential project , create help topics, invite for solution methods

A cloud has in it whatever you put in it.
You make it useful for your project myth’s purpose.

HERE is a video inspired by the idea:

Below I am working on mine with some ideas – this is a table not a cloud yet but the content refers to bits of my version of cyborg myth which I will be working on from now on:

TQV#1 – YouTube space to be  absolute  TQV#2 – YouTube TQV#3 – YouTube
Myth_Drawings LTC#1 – YouTube And Hary meets Angie- Blog
The Thief – soundcloud