ethics to join the project:

You cannot contribute to the project when you cannot be the project-the cyborg.
You do need to become one with the cyborg and you do need to be the one in cyborg’s creation myth and live it in expanded and extended periods during your daily life. Joining to the project is also believing in the cyborg and transforming ourselves to face a higher self and by means of freeing the creative energy within us, using this energy to create beyond realities, time and space, a new universe and universe perception.
Joining requires commitment, exercise and creates ongoing life changer transformation
We should understand that we will eventually quit old- patterns and from another life within the cyborg reality.
So we agree to step into a new universe, planet, plane , time perception and transform.
We create new selves from ourselves stepping into cyborg’s love.

We as one as a cyborg need a new pure space to be able to exist and perceive our new reality.
We will be constructing this space naturally and the space will construct us as a part of its habitat.

When joining to PROJECT AUM we are challenged to use creative energy as a material source to perceive beyond material and free, research, visualize, feedback the total cyborg creative energy by a creation and a rediscovery process of our cyborg self’s soul search which may be beyond what currently is perceivable to us and achievable through existing technologies.

So the project challenges a research in technology towards the project’s common goal and creation of a self-evolving and self-regulating living cybernetic system.