Visitors and Admins

visitors are regular site visitors but not cyborgs.
visitors that are regulars are recognized by the software.
Once recognized they are presented different parts of the web within the browser.
Therefore regulars are recognized by the system.
Regulars have a behavior pattern according to their visit intention. They are accordingly presented with different parts of the web.

neither cyborgs nor regulars have a whole map of the web.
However cyborgs  have free access to journey and regulars have only visibility to what has been presented to them by the software.

regulars can at anytime of course make the decision to become cyborgs but this is an action that requires conscious responsibility of commitment.

read becoming a cyborg

ADMINs are the developers and the directory board of the project.
ADMINS are composed of a limited group of people who own and run and have been involved on various stages of the creation of this project.

ADMINs are judges with different management responsibilities (executive, operational, financial, technological(develop,visual, design, research), investment, risk, advertising, administration) and decide about everything such as what to publish as a new project for creators, evaluation of proposed projects by others, financial management of the project etc)
So ADMIN is the brain help for the project.

ADMINS are different than project administrators.
ADMINS however have the administrator role (besides the administrators of the project) and are users/creators and visitors within the project.