The below set of keywords are all valid and can create personal research projects and partnerships within members of the project: a new {art-artwork, media project, film -living film, an experiment of mathematical analysis and logic, a kind of yoga, a spiritual journey, a science-fiction tale, a research of media, an effort to define and create own medium, a creation myth, a mystic, a social consciousness project, a soul journey, a star-trek story, a technology, an artistic research about quantum entanglement, an esoterism, a research on consiousness, duality and non-duality etc.}

Current Projects refer to start up this project which takes 3 years:

0 – create the myth
1- Create the software
2- Create the browser
2- Create the web space
4- Create the demo of the network – by ADMINS
5- Create the journeying tool
6- Create the training modules – online and coaching
7- Create the term base workshops – online and coaching
8- Create the project website
9- Create a potential and a demo energy web and link it to research center as its permanent a research topic
9- Launch permanent research projects within the research center and connect to organizations to run the research topics
10- Define and create the legal and administrative project requirements

create all the above appropriate steps for the offline version of the project

Launch the project and start running the project.

Launch Projects for the project :

1- research projects
2- current running participant projects
3- new projects that create participants
4- keywords that create participants and projects:
MYTH Cloud
you can click on a inspiration keyword / and launch your own space  and base your space on top of your chosen inspiration MYTH cloud and build your version of the myth.