Project Proposal Model

I am hoping to research the nature of the data systems derived from narrative systems by creating an app which is at times a game app whilst the discovery of the app’s this dimension by the enlightenment of the embodiment of the player role. The app with a narrative that can challenge methods to convert the personalized narrative to pure observable data and visualize this data . What we are interested here is its visualized form that can act as a musical score and pure data having a life of its own like a wearable shell which has the power to maybe alter its ‘so called source’ narrative yet narratives are not really sources and replaceable on the other hand the visualized image of a specific narrative is unique, made of sound and light.

1- what is the reason that you would research
2- how would you do this – method
3- what will be the outcome?

1- Assume that every thought has a physical manifestation and mathematically presentable thus traceable/observable data form. If a thought has a particle nature as light and If I speculate that not all but only creative thought (and thought created during the creative/artistic process which involves different type of movement/energy than an ordinary unaware thought) has a place on space and can interact, transform and are a potential source of a greater intelligence like love.
Not all thoughts are however as such; some are like vapor and disappear or transform immediately and are not permanent.

Creative thought is permanent because it lives if it is made to live.
It is like a seed of a plant that has the potential to grow forests once being made lived and networked.
So this is a research about the creative power.

a- the characteristics of a data system derived from a pure personal narrative – comparison of these systems – the difference/ the similarities,
searching and comparing the patterns that create the system – visualizing the pattern of pure data and making it a potential source of feedback like a signal – sound – which possibly could serve as a compositional element.

By doing so I would like to research if the observation of a pure data system -(derived from an interpretation of (a personalized) narrative of a narrative) has any effect on transforming the – its- narrative i.e. the mind of the narrative creator.
By doing so I would also like to research the effects of the interaction between data systems by visualizing
– when interaction is (as a result of ) created because of an interaction between narrative systems
– when /whether interaction of the systems exist although there is no interaction among their narrative counterparts and by assuming and visualizing that
– the pure data systems collectively exist within a multi dimensional space embodied by the space created by the individual data systems. For initial simplification and creation of a research able model I assume that all these individual data systems reside within one researchable space.
-Then also keep in mind that the embodying space might not be one and unique but might as well exist within multiple space/time/plane-
– also keep in mind that an embodying space is only there because of its narrative.
And research as well if it really is so – possible arguments that it might have already existed in an ideally invisible form- before its narrative – by researching existing theories and visual methods.
I would like to research if we could visualize an image of a total data systems to one data system and observe and research the one data system characteristics and the space embodying the unified (pure data systems) derived from different narrative sources.
I would also like to note that we assume systems here/in this model where the creation of narrative and therefore the data system is an ongoing/live process.

By doing so:
I like to research if such a system could be a potential source-device of understanding the ‘creative process’ and ‘creative mind’ and eventually a source of creation itself.
– this I would like to do by inserting a not on a possible simple definition of creative process to avoid getting involved in the midst of discourse about ongoing valuable research about what creative process is. Instead I like to present within this context a creative process as an array of variables that can be mathematically presented and placed and be observed within blocks of arguments when these blocks can be researched by running the blocks and testing its truth. Like an if-else block.
If x is a visual/sensual outcome of a creative process present x on pure data space
If y is a visual/sensual outcome of a creative process present y on data space
check if x is equivalent to y
by creating possible definitions and also by researching through the created definitions of the creative process and
by understanding that x and y can almost be materialized like a particle of possibly’ different nature but serving to same goal (creative process) (possibly’ because the time/the nature/ the constituents of x and y are different but still the types of x and y can be the same. – both drawings etc.

what are the set of words that make x and y different and same?

I finally would like to observe and research if the narrative of the tool could be visually be created, presented , as a truth system. How does a physical reality system of a myth (pre-defined narrative) can alter/manifest a myth- could we still talk about a myth/ the truth system?
What is the truth system – a source in this context?
Are we bound to the predefined – initial source or is the system – created – has self organizing nature? …free from its initial narrative counterpart that possibly’ has created it/ plotted it? Is it maybe possible that the narrative counterpart is not the creator but they exist simultaneously and not first this then/after the other – so the communication between the two systems – could be speculated to be a kind of entanglement where light is not the communication source /material between the two but something else – which is only known by the two counterparts only as it is a closed system.

observations about artistic and scientific method and presenting the differences of the methods as well as the possible contributions of a collaboration of both methods to each other:

the artistic method now and its required way , approach
nothing as a representational method but as a method to observe and research truth systems by recreating a unique truth system with unique characteristics by researching the object of observation.
So by researching the object of observation as a new system of truth and solving it.
The difference between the method of art and science when researching , examining a truth system.
If science method created simulations to be able to observe a truth value of a truth system.
as a result of the research done on the object of observation/pre existing narrative, instead of a simulation The artistic model creates a system of observation with unique characteristics – yes or no? – i.e . the artistic method has no interest in causality/ the research of art is not there to prove modalities of time but manifest its research on itself only the artistic systems are like the ideal equation there is no loss nor gain and are recursive.
a self organizing-living system that does not have the characteristics of the pre-existing narrative / the source of the observation that has created it : a genotype/phenotype transformation – but which may (or may not- is that so?) directly and irreversibly (is that so?) effect the source.
Irreversibly: once the source is changed by effect/feedback (by the ‘artwork’, ‘art system’), the source with its new ingredients may become a new source of observation but the art system that has changed it may become a potential ingredient of the new system of observation (that it has been initially created by) but also exists independent of its artness – and only it becomes an ingredient by the system and not by itself – so it has a life of its and already exists independent/ free from this system which makes it/ or not an ingredient.

How to realize the above as a project?
The creation of the tool program-
the tool is a bookmarking tool
the creation of the tool narrative
the creation of the program website
the creation of the data system (space) – is a part of the program the tool program
the creation of the tutorial and workshops about the tool and usage of the tool-
workshops explain why one uses the tool- the myth of it/the narrative/ the tool as a meditative browsing activity.
The intention of the tool is made clear to the user- it is a meditative browsing activity with an intend of creation– these are all maybe!!!!
it can serve as a networking tool once the user interacts with other users
it intends to tell- to recreate the user’s interpretation of its narrative
the user can always have access to the visual appearance of its accomplished data system which might look like a configuration of stars in the system-
so each user narrative – data system can be isolated and presented.
An activity of the user always bears in mind the tool intention which is communicated /explained/taught to the user through workshops/video/methods to be designed and explained later during the process of the project creation according to the evaluated needs of the project.
2- creation of an ongoing research project center that researches the project research question by researchers/research teams/students etc.

– design challenges of the tool: as a part of an ongoing research/experiment project:
– can the tool have an intelligence, ideally it should- what are the ways , challenges of creating a tool that can gradually be personalized by the use of its user- say it can be per user different – it can read the behavior of its user and by which receive unique characteristics.
–  can be activated /deactivated: it is the user’s choice the moments to activate and use and stop using the tool.
there are many challenges, in designing an intelligent tool which can become a research topic within the research center.
the tool can be an intelligent vehicle like the car of the knight rider, a robot, a broomstick of a witch, a shapeshifting tool like a shamanic experience, a hacking tool etc – even an extended body part of the user during a browsing experience with an intend. anyway the technology is there already with search tools or tools that make suggestions to users by referring to their browsing date.

the medium definition:
– the narrative is live and ongoing – where do we place such media created: can it be referred as live cinema?

design, direct, create and run

a narrative system and a browsing tool that creates user driven interpretations of a narrative of an initial narrative that has created the project and the tool so that data driven from (the pinned) narrative – data will be able to recreate a secondary – pure data system- free from narrative. The observation is based on researching both systems and assumption is that the second system is potentially a visualization of a creative process created by an intend of a creative process narrative creation by the user.

Currently I am working on a script that mostly fits to be described as game script.
However there are no pre-conditioned rules defined to become winners or losers until the user explores the environment to present an authentic game presence and reveal the rules

Life happens as long as there is observation….. quote alin

“Breath is the bridge between your soul and your body. If you can watch your breath rising and falling, slowly slowly you will be able to see the body as separate from yourself and also the breath as separate from yourself, because the watcher cannot be the watched, the observer cannot be the observed.

“Suddenly one day you will realize that you are the witness of it all. And the witness is certainly transcendental to all that it witnesses. In that very moment freedom has happened to you.” -Osho